PPC Management

Why Do I need PPC Management Services?

Pay Per Click (PPC) offers companies the opportunity to rank at the top of search engines like Google and Bing very quickly. PPC advertising setup and management however is often complicated and if done incorrectly it can be very costly to companies. Often companies end up wasting PPC budget on PPC adverts and keyphrases that aren’t converting to sales or leads for them.


Setup of PPC campaigns can also often be a very time consuming and requires someone with previous PPC management experience to set them up. Hence, many individuals and businesses choose to let a PPC agency manage their entire PPC advertising campaigns.


Why Choose Odyssey New Media as your PPC Management Agency?


  • We work with all types of businesses – small, medium and large
  • We can manage budgets from £100 to £100,000+.
  • Proven record of PPC success across a variety of sectors.
  • Case Studies of successful PPC clients across a variety of sectors.
  • All PPC activity is measured and reported to show full transparency and ROI (Return On Investment).
  • Google AdWords Qualified.
  • BingAds Qualified.


What is the usual PPC Management Process?


A typical PPC Management will require all of the following areas to be analysed and worked on:


PPC Campaign Budget – A monthly budget must be managed to ensure PPC campaigns don’t overspend on what has been agreed and so that spend is within what a client can afford.

PPC Tracking – It is essential everything is tracked properly from day one so you have a clear view on what level of return you are getting from your PPC campaigns (PPC return on investment).

PPC Keyphrase Research – For new PPC campaigns, some initial keyphrase research is required in order to understand what the keyphrase search landscape is like and to establish what estimated CPCs (cost per click estimates) are likely to be. This can help gauge what monthly PPC budget should be and if it needs to be increased/decreased.

Selecting PPC Keywords and Keyphrases – Once the PPC keyphrase research is completed, then the keywords and keyphrases which are most relevant and most likely to produce relevant, converting traffic are selected and agreed with the client.

PPC Ad Copy – What your PPC advert says affects your Ad click-through rate (CTR). Well written Ad copy often engages with the user, relates to their search query and tells them exactly what offers are available; and what to expect to see when they click-through to the website.

Landing Pages – Where you send your PPC traffic is important. Landing pages must be analysed to ensure good conversion rates once users come through to your website.

Keyword Quality Scores – Every keyword in a campaign is given a quality score which can reduce bid costs. Ad text, CTR and landing page relevancy affect this score.

Keyword CPC bids – Cost-per-click bids (CPC bids) on individual search keywords must be managed closely to ensure you are not paying more than required.


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