Analytics Consulting

What are Digital Analytics and Google Analytics?

Digital analytics provide the ability to analyse qualitative and quantitative data obtained from your website as well the data of competing businesses. The aim of Google analytics software is to provide enough data to enable website owners and businesses to improve the online experience for their visitors and potential customers. If usability and experience can be improved, then more leads and transactions can be obtained and conversion rates can be maximised.


How can Google Analytics Consulting benefit your Business?

For every website owner, understanding and implementing changes based on the data provided by your Google Analytics software is paramount. There are three primary reasons you should analyse your website data:


1) Understand – Understanding your website visitors and what they want.

2) Discover – Discovering areas for improvement on your website.

3) Implement – Implementing changes to your website to increase your conversion rates.


Being able to understand your Google analytics data means that you can keep your business website and offerings tailored to what your customers want both online. Keeping customers happy when they are browsing your website can help maximise the potential for them to convert on your website and ultimately enquire or purchase a product or service.

Analytics can play a hugely important role in online business, if you are currently involved in, or are looking to get involved in an online business, you may find it beneficial to get Google Analytics training or consulting to learn more about the data available.


Reasons to choose Odyssey New Media as your Google Analytics Consultants


  • We’re Google Analytics certified.
  • We have Years of Experience in using Google Analytics.
  • We have Years of Experience in using other analytics software.
  • Proven case studies where we’ve helped companies understand and improve their websites.
  • We can provide Google Analytics training to you and your team members.
  • We provide in-depth reporting on your Google Analytics data.

If you want to learn more about our Google Analytics consultancy services we can offer to you then please get in touch. Call to speak with our Google Analytics consultants today – 0844 500 6911 or email us via our contact page.


What do we offer as part of Google Analytics Training?

Our Google Analytics training is a great opportunity for businesses to enhance their Google Analytics knowledge by talking directly to experienced industry professionals. During the analytics consultancy, we will cover a wide range of analytics fundamentals, including:


  • How to use Google Analytics
  • Essential Google Analytics Data
  • Understanding Analytics Terminology
  • Interpreting Conversion Data
  • Learning About User Interaction


These are just a few of the fundamentals that will be covered by our Google Analytics consultants; however, we will cover much more in depth areas and can answer any specific questions you may have.

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