How Google’s Core Algorithm Update Could Affect Your Website Rankings

Google announced its core algorithm update for June 2021, and this is being carried out throughout the month. Yet how exactly does the update to Google’s algorithm affect the website rankings and SEO of companies worldwide? Read on below to see how the enrolment of this update could go on to affect your website rankings.

What is included within the update?

As a part of this update, Google has implemented a system referred to as core web vitals. Core web vitals is, in essence, a tick-box exercise that Google carries out for each page of your website in order to dictate its SEO standing in line with the functionality that it offers the user. Multiple factors have sway on if the page fits the criteria imposed, which are as follows;

  • Loading performance is how quickly each page takes to load and is decided by the duration between the initial click on the page to the completion of the loading on the largest image or block on the page,
  • Interactivity depends on how quickly the website responds in the wake of a click (preferably sub 100 milliseconds),
  • Visual stability relies on the website to not shift rapidly while in use.

Through utilisation of these three factors, Google decides the level of functionality that the website offers thereby ranking it more or less attractive toward potential users by changing its SEO standing.

Why is This Important?

This core algorithm update is important as it could potentially lead to a drop in your website traffic for your business. This could be a major change for your rankings as simply dropping one position could lead to losing up to 13% of your website visitors! Thing could potentially get even worse than that as if your website begins to rank outside of the top 3 sites, you could lose up to 60% of clicks. If you are unfortunate enough to drop out of page 1, you may lose almost all your organic traffic that you have spent years building up. These are some of the reasons as to why this update is vital and you should check out Google’s June and upcoming July algorithm updates.

How Can You Prepare

The best way to prepare for these changes over this month and July is to purely focus on your business and what you are doing instead of Google. This may sound strange as you would think that focusing on what Google is doing is more important as they are making the changes, right? Well, whilst it is true that these changes to your website rankings could be altered by Google’s core update. Maintaining and focusing on your business and working out had to add value to your visitors will most likely maintain your website traffic anyway, and this way your ranking cannot be washed away like many other websites.

Impact On SEO

Whilst we may have perceived Google’s core algorithm update as an evil entity that is determined to destroy the rankings that people have worked years to achieve, this is not the case. In fact, due to many businesses losing their rankings, your website may take their place in fact. As long as you have an understanding of what Google are looking for then you could even push your website rankings into the top 3, this will change your business astronomically with your website traffic pretty much nailed on to skyrocket as you increase your engagement with many new visitors.

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How to Tell if Your Website Has Been Impacted?

There are in fact some tell-tale signs of checking to see if Google’s core algorithm update has directly affected your website. Some examples of these blatant signs are:

  • Exploring your Google Analytics and Google Search Console, be sure to look at the data and you will be able to see possible increases or decreases in visitors to your website as well as newer search terms.
  • Keyword search tools are great at analysing the key data for your website. Sites such as SEMRush for example, can update you on your website trust flow as well as updating your competitors and reviews the total backlinks off your website.

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