The Psychology of Effective Marketing

Getting a user to visit your website is only the first part of the sale process, from that point the culmination of all of your content, social profiles and products come together to help the user make a decision of whether to actually go ahead with the purchase. The percentage of users who make a purchase or carry out a desired action over the total number of visitors is referred to as a conversion rate.  Online conversions are pretty important when it comes to ecommerce websites and several percent can potentially be the difference in thousands of pounds worth of stock sale. Many online retailers spend a lot of time trying to deduce the psychology of their consumers and while knowing exactly what a customer base is thinking is pretty much impossible, there are several psychologic factors that are shared between demographics.


Isn’t it awesome when you feel valued by a business? The idea of reciprocity states that when a consumer is made to feel special or valued when purchasing a product or carrying out an action, they will be inclined to spend more as well as developing brand loyalty. Recent years have encouraged many businesses to hire trained sales teams who look to resolve issues or provide support in their classical ‘sickly sweet’ way, this is especially effective as it forms a relationship between a consumer and a representative who is viewed as a microcosm of the business. There are several ways in which reciprocity can be encouraged with the consumer;

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Prizes or online shout-outs
  • Offers and promotions
  • High-quality products or service.
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Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a relatively new facet of psychological marketing but due to how effective it can be is now widely utilised. Clear out sales and limited time offers are prime examples of FOMO as they make the consumer feel like they may miss out on a product or service if they do not act quickly. You may have seen stores market products as being almost out of stock (even though they may have plenty) in order to sell stock quickly.


Nobody is going to want to spend money on a product or service where its business can’t prove its own authority within the sector. It’s super easy to create websites and sell products or services online which has led to consumers being more cautious about who they purchase from. Content is key when looking to boost the authority of your website, quality content that shows comprehensive knowledge on a subject goes a long way in providing an air of authority. Websites that have a good deal of industry-specific content will subconsciously boost trust within consumers and spur them toward a purchase.

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