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Get Prepared for Halloween

By August time, Halloween will be on the horizon.  It won’t be long before kids are out trick-or-treating along with their parents in tow.  Halloween dress is always a must however not everyone is ready. Approx. 29% of Halloween customers wait until Halloween has arrived before buying their Halloween costumes.


Remember to stay Mobile focused

  • 66% of online customers use the internet to review information compared to several years ago.
  • 29% is the number that mobile phone conversion rates went up from 2014-15.


How to Improve Performance

  • Remember to Stay Local Focused – Google interest in ‘near me’ terms has increased by 34 times as much since 2011.  Approx. 80% of those searches happen on a mobile phone. Mobile equals local, so remember to factor this into your ads.
  • Make it Fast and Relevant – 60% of coinsumers that search for localised products or services on their mobile phones usually visit he store within one day of searching.  Approx. 18% of the searches made lead to a purchase on the same day.
  • Halloween Makeup and Accessories – searches for makeup and accessories most definitely spike at this time of year. Facepaint, fake blood, fangs,  wigs and everything else imaginable is worth looking at as well.


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